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Through our programmes we aim to break down the barriers that are faced by people who are deaf, having hearing loss or tinnitus. We do this by challenging perceptions and improving access to healthcare, education, employment and services . We work in partnership to achieve positive change, which is led by the communities we work with.

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Inclusive education means that all students are able to learn side by side in the classroom. It values diversity and the contribution each student brings to the classroom.

The focus of our Inclusive Education programme is currently in sub-Saharan Africa.


Our Inclusive employment programme aims to empower people who are Deaf to access more economic activities while supporting employers to offer inclusive recruitment processes and work environments.

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We believe that good health and wellbeing is a fundamental human right. However people who are Deaf or have hearing loss or tinnitus can face significant communication challenges with health providers, which can lead to an inequality of service and gaps in health knowledge.

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