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Our Vision is an inclusive world for all that breaks down barriers and empowers people who are deaf,  so that no one is left behind.     

Our mission is to advocate for change and build inclusive societies by ending stigma and isolation for those who are deaf.   

We aim to achieve our mission by:    

  • Challenging perceptions through engaging in difficult conversations   

  • Improving access to healthcare, education, employment and services    

  • Delivering our programme of work collaboratively, in partnership with organisations, who have a shared vision   

  • Achieving positive change globally that is locally led by the communities we work with  

Our values determine how we act, as individuals and as an organisation and they are at the core of everything we do.

Inclusive - We treat everyone equally and respect their differences.    

Empowerment – We want to lift people up to achieve the change they strive for.    

Brave – We don’t shy away.   

Compassionate – We listen, we care and we act.    

Innovative – We are creative in finding solutions.   

Accountable – We believe in doing the right things in the right way.    

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Vision and Mission: About Us
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