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We’re passionate about building partnerships that are fun, engaging and respond to the needs of your business. 

Working in partnership with a charity can have a positive impact for your company. It can lead to better employee engagement and morale, encourage team building, engage key stakeholders, and transform lives.  

By working with Signal you will directly support our vital work, breaking down barriers and empowering people who are deaf, have hearing loss or tinnitus while meeting your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.  

Every partnership is unique and we can work together to create a partnership that works for your business. 

You can be involved in:  

  • Fundraising initiatives 

  • Sponsorship opportunities 

  • Staff engagement programmes 

  • Supporting Signal through donating to our work  

  • Attending and organising events 

  • Offer a payroll giving scheme so that your staff can donate monthly  

We will work with you to:  

  • Support your staff with fundraising events and team building activities  

  • Help to raise your profile through and include your branding on our website and communications and at events 

  • Engage with your clients and stakeholders  

  • Create positive PR opportunities  

  • If you would like to discuss working in partnership with Signal we would love to hear from you. Why not get in touch?  

Corporate Partnerships: Mission
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