The gift of education: photo of school children signing in Uganda

Give the gift of education

“Deaf children also have rights, because they are human beings”
– Josephine, primary school pupil, Masaka District

Children who are deaf or have hearing impairments in Uganda can be labelled “kasiru” which means “stupid” in Luganda, a local language. They can be considered incapable of learning, because of negative cultural beliefs or the barrier to communication.

These deaf children can be hidden away by their families, or their disability can go unrecognised in huge classes where teachers have limited resources.

Signal’s work with Signhealth Uganda is changing this. With the involvement of whole communities, we are providing the training that is needed to help deaf children go to school. This is training in the causes of deafness, in communication skills and in special educational needs.

Just £43 could enable us to support a deaf child or young person in Uganda into decent primary education – and set them off on the path to a happy and independent life.

To make a gift, please visit our donation web page or download our donation form.

Weebale nnyo!
(“Thank you very much!” in Luganda).

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