Renga: black and white image of bird silhouettes

Tinnitus group composes renga-inspired poem

Members of Shropshire Tinnitus Support Group enjoyed a “Words for Wellbeing” session led by poet Bethany Rivers in Shrewsbury this month. The session resulted in this beautiful group poem inspired by the Japanese collaborative form of poetry, renga…

Expressing feelings through observations of nature

car smoking
windswept clouds
RAC appointment

Renga: black and white image of bird silhouettestired cloudy day –
walking the golf course
birds’ song and grounds-man
watering the greens as traffic goes by

wind roaring through the trees
hurrying along
anxious to get through

the pain of silence so strange to feel
smell of sea at  journey’s end
tranquillity so hard to reach
can be found in a field, near Borth beach

Renga: tree silhouettetractor working in the field
joyful birds thundering
flowers bright
happy to be home

sound of silence in the garden –
snow falls on the bare branches
of the oak tree, peacefully

throwing balls in a snowy field
snowman looks on, contentedly

Cliffsharp wind of the Cornish coast
walking the gravel path
watching the waves roll in, roll out

seaside sunshine
pebbles rolling on the beach
peace, perfect peace

singing waves of snowdrops

Renga: black and white image of bird silhouettesblack storm engulfs my body
in a cloak of darkness
the world is lost

long walk home
cold windy tress swaying
flowers dancing to birdsong
music to my ears

sunshine lights up lichen
birdsong abounds
noise of children playing
hot enough to sunbathe topless

Renga: image of music scoreclean slate
tinkling piano scales
her laugh
lightens the room

sun rays streaming through window
new green shoots of energy
I’m alive!

thunder – lightning strikes
oak shudders
squirrels streak across the garden

Renga: black and white image of bird silhouettesas days lengthen
birds start spring activity
in the meadows

sitting at home
looking at the lime trees
garden feels peaceful

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