Signal Charity Vocational Training Centre in Tanzania

Construction to start on the chicken sheds at the Vocational Training Centre for the Deaf

We have just been informed that construction will soon start on the chicken sheds at the Vocational Training Centre for the Deaf! These chicken sheds will house 300 laying chickens which will produce food and a valuable income stream for the Centre. This marks the start of a new phase for the Centre with a number of new income generating projects, for which Signal are fundraising. This will mean the Centre can gain new forms of income so that they will not have to rely on funds from overseas donors and the students can gain valuable animal husbandry training!

VTCD, Moshi, Tanzania

Buildings at the VTCD

We are also looking for other innovative ways of helping the Vocational Training Centre for the Deaf become more sustainable and cost efficient so that they are able to fund more activities internally and reduce fees for the students. If you would like to support us to the VTCD to become more self reliant, like these chicken sheds, please go to the donate button in the top right hand corner of this page. Alternatively click on this link which will take you straight to the page.

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