Signal Tinnitus Group - Shrewsbury

Tinnitus Group Launch

The Hamar Centre in Shrewsbury saw Signal’s Tinnitus group Launch on Wednesday 6th November. The support group’s meeting was certainly a huge success. Our partners at Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital Trust Audiology department had done a great deal of work to get it going and we were glad to help.

Setting up a new group can be a little like a voyage into the unknown, so there was some uncertainty about how many people would attend.  Chairs and tea mugs were laid out ready in the expectation that around 15 people would arrive. The room held 35 comfortably but by the time the meeting started around 40 people needed to be squeezed in. But the mood was welcoming and warm, so everyone sat closer and got to know each other.

Members of the Signal Tinnitus group - Shrewsbury

How does the group work?

As this was the first meeting the agenda was set, but in future the participants will take over running the group and decide how each session will go.

For this meeting there was an interesting talk by Claire from the British Tinnitus Association and a valuable group discussion about the various coping mechanisms and equipment available for people living with tinnitus and hyperacusis. What was most noticeable were the interactions in the coffee break – before long everyone had found a friend and was busy chatting away, building those vital support relationships. In fact it was hard to get the group back together for the second half.

What’s next for the support group?

The Shrewsbury group will meet every 2–3 months and the next meeting is scheduled in February. After the success of the first group, Signal will also be launching a support group in Telford at around the same time. Keep checking the web page and press for details.


For more details and dates please contact us here.

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