Signal Charity Special Needs Education Projects in Malawi

Andy Kerr visits special needs education projects in Malawi

Following the successful application to the Scottish Government for three year funding to develop special needs education projects in Malawi, Andy Kerr, former Scottish Government Minister and current Chief Executive of Sense Scotland, will be making his first ever trip to the country to visit the project.


Sense Scotland have partnered with Signal (formerly Woodford Foundation) on similar projects in Malawi for the last three and half years.  We are all delighted to learn that with this new funding, together we will have the opportunity to expand the programme to reach even more deaf and hearing impaired children, their families, schools and communities.

Andy Kerr will have a chance to visit a number of activities in the field, meet the inspiring team who make the work possible, as well as some of the children and families who have benefitted from the programme and meet with Ministry of Education officials who have supported our work.

Malawi has a long and special relationship with Scotland and long may this continue!

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