Signal Charity Solar Power

“We have light”- Signal helps to provide the VTCD’s first solar system

Signal works with local partners on different projects in each country.  In Tanzania we worked with a local parents group to construct and staff the first ever vocational training centre for deaf learners which opened three years ago.  Their first students graduated last year with some of the highest results in the entire region and the Centre is continuing to work towards both environmental and financial sustainability.

Thanks to new funding from a number of international donors, Signal enabled the first ever solar power system to be installed this year on the two dormitories and administration block.


In a country where it is dark for twelve hours a day throughout the year, and where light is needed for students to communicate by sign language and study for their vocational qualifications, this solar system has had a tremendous impact.  It has reduced the need to pay for kerosene lamps, which are expensive, potentially dangerous and not environmentally sustainable.  This solar system has also enabled the Centre to have regular and reliable source of power in the evenings and it is anticipated that the financial savings made, can be used to assist with the Centre’s running costs. This will ensure that the school fees do not rise, allowing even more families to send their deaf young people to study at this specialist Centre.

Twenty one year old first year student, Zainabu Salum sums up the difference this new solar power makes very simply:  “We can now read and communicate in the night.   The light is so much brighter and we use it for three hours every night.”

Signal is looking to increase and develop the solar system so that the whole of the centre can benefit from light and power. If you would like to help please click on the donate button on the right hand side of this page, or follow this link.




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