Signal Charity - Deaf Awareness in Shropshire and Africa

Signal launch 2nd October 2013

Signal Launch

The Signal launch marks the union of two Shropshire based charities, The Shropshire Deafness Association and The Woodford Foundation. Both have been working in the field of assisting deaf people and those with hearing loss.

The Shropshire Deafness Association has an honourable history going back some 150 years. Whilst The Woodford Foundation named in honour of Doreen Woodford, who had a lifelong commitment to the interests of deaf people, has been operating for nearly a decade.

James Cousins (left) and Mathew Gilbert (right) help to launch Signal

James Cousins (left) and Mathew Gilbert (right) help to launch Signal

The Shropshire Deafness Association’s work focused on helping people in the county of Shropshire, whereas The Woodford Foundation has been active overseas in sub-Sahara Africa.  Signal’s launch and the coming together of these two organisations marks a milestone and as one they will continue to focus on supporting individuals, families and communities both in the UK and overseas.

The Signal launch marks an important step to work with local people to find local solutions to the problems they face.


If you would like to support Signal’s work, please go to the donate button in the top right hand corner of this page. Alternatively click on this link which will take you straight to the page.

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