Photo of shopfitters at work inside the Signal Hub

The Signal Hub: work on the building begins!

Shropshire’s first “Hub” devoted to hearing- and communication-related services is starting to take physical shape!

Here at Signal it feels like we have been talking about the Hub for a long time. We have been consulting with deaf and hard of hearing people, managers of relevant services and community groups for some two years. Now we are excited to have finally begun work on the building itself.

Photo of Mathew and Paul from Signal watching work on the Signal Hub get underway

Signal’s CEO Mathew and Hub Manager Paul happy to see work get underway

This week the contractors have started fitting out the unit in the Riverside shopping centre in Shrewsbury which will become the Signal Hub. The Hub will offer a variety of services for people with hearing loss, and also conditions like tinnitus, in a convenient town centre location – close to both bus and train stations.

Anyone will be welcome to come inside and relax in a pleasant environment (including a branch of the inclusive Links Café) and find out information about hearing loss at their own pace. People using the Signal Hub will be free from any obligation to buy any products and free from the fear that some may feel in a medical setting.

We certainly could not have come so far without our friends at the local NHS Audiology department, the Rural Community Council, the Shropshire Council Sensory Impairment Team, the Workers’ Educational Association (WEA), VISS, Interhearing and, of course, the Links Café, all of which will be offering services from within the Hub.

We are also grateful to the hard of hearing groups and deaf clubs around Shropshire, as well as the county’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing Forum, for supporting us and sharing their knowledge, expertise and contacts.

Do watch this space for full details of the services to be housed within the Hub and also for photographs of the progress on the fit-out. Read, too, the message from Signal’s Chairman Rod Clark on why the Hub is so important in the latest issue of our newsletter, Wave, by clicking here.

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