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Emergency Interpreter Scheme

In the depths of winter a boiler breaking down can leave you cold, miserable and out of pocket. Imagine if contacting a plumber, electrician, or gas engineer was not the first essential move you make. Imagine if you needed assistance from somone else just to talk to someone to help. This can be the reality for many members of the deaf community, who regularly rely on British Sign Language interpreters for that vital link to those who don’t sign. For those people who don’t rely on sign language as their primary form of communication, a boiler breaking down can be an annoyance, but a simple phone call to a trained professional can usually sort things out very quickly.


Emergency interpreters are not free and so this adds an additional cost especially when an immediate unplanned need presents itself. This means that when an Emergency interpreter is needed this means you have to pay twice, once for the interpreter and once for the boiler professional to come out. A difficult situation for anyone to swallow!


Signal is running a trial Emergency Interpreter scheme for three months, over the winter months, to help cover essential costs for situations like these. With our partner the sign language interpreting service VISS we are working together to try and provide help where there was none before and hopefully we can help a few people stay a bit warmer over the festive season!

If you have need of this Emergency Interpreter service, or are interested to find out more, then please contact us.

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