Signal’s Approach

Our new strategic direction

Signal aims to drive change in the UK and overseas so that people with sensory impairments have the same opportunities and rights as everyone else.

Our four strategic goals outline where we will focus our resources and attention from 2013-16.


Our work will focus on working with sensory impaired people, their families and those people who can most influence and impact on their lives. We will work to understand their local as well as general needs, so we can find solutions to the problems  faced by people with a sensory impairment.

teamwork_iconWorking together

We recognise that the best people to understand sensory impaired people’s needs are sensory impaired people themselves. This means that our work will be led by the actual, not perceived, needs of our beneficiaries.


We will develop partnerships to help to create beneficial services, projects and initiatives with other charities and public and private bodies. By working with other organisations we can have a greater impact and help to create lasting change.

technologyTechnology and Support

We recognise that technology can be incredibly empowering and can help people to become included in society. However, we also acknowledge that for true change to happen then attitudes and support for sensory impaired people must be enhanced.