About Signal

Signal – a new charity with a long history

There is a new UK charity in Shrewsbury, working to empower deaf people and people with  hearing loss both in the UK and overseas. Signal (Sensory Impairment Globally Nationally and Locally) was formed when The Woodford Foundation and the Shropshire Deafness Association came together in October 2013. The two organisations merged their resources and their expertise gained from supporting people with hearing loss both in the UK and overseas.

We at Signal believe that everyone – regardless of gender, ability, race or location – has the same basic rights. The isolation faced by deaf children and adults across the world is unique. Communication difficulties between them and hearing people often lead to isolation and discrimination.

Signal works to bridge this gap by building communication skills, raising awareness and making changes to behaviour and lives.

We work with partner organisations to enable children and adults with a hearing loss to take control of their lives and become less dependent on others, so that they have equal access to services, working life and their community. The changes made are powerful and long-lasting.

Our 2013 accounts

Accounts for the Shropshire Deafness Association (SDA) and The Woodford Foundation can be found by clicking on the links below.

SDA 2013 accounts

The Woodford Foundation 2013 accounts

Going forward, accounts for Signal can be found by clicking here.