Signal Charity - Sign Language in Masaka for Hospital workers

Sign Language in Masaka for Hospital workers

Sign Language in Masaka

Signal would like to offer their congratulations to the 24 health workers who successfully completed a three month training course in sign language in Masaka, Uganda, the first time such a course had been offered.

Their graduation ceremony was attended by over 70 people including local district leaders, senior hospital staff and parents of deaf children, who all expressed their appreciation for bridging the gap between deaf people and their access to healthcare workers who could understand them.

Deaf Children having fun at the pre-school playground, Masaka


Attending these lessons in Sign language in Masaka both before and after their work shifts, these 24 workers also managed to get some hands-on practice with their signing with deaf children at a local residential deaf school.  The children were delighted to receive the unexpected healthcare that was offered, and the health workers were keen to learn new signs from the children.

A great experience for all and one which we hope to repeat with other health workers at the Masaka Hospital, and with other hospitals in the capital, Kampala.


We are also looking for other innovative ways of helping support the training and understanding of health workers in Uganda. If you would like to support projects like this, please go to the donate button in the top right hand corner of this page. Alternatively click on this link which will take you straight to the page.

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