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Sign Language

Sign Language is a dynamic and expressive language. It has a complete system of grammar, a creative and adaptable vocabulary and a long cultural and artistic heritage. It’s wonderfully exciting to learn because there’s a whole new way of looking at language. Using your hands, posture and even facial expressions are all integral parts.

There are hundreds if not thousands of different types of Sign Language all over the world. Many people assume that all Sign Languages are the same, but this simply isn’t true as they can be as diverse as the spoken word and regional variations persist throughout. British Sign Langauge was one of the first formal language to be used in the UK and the use of Sign Language in the country can be traced back for nearly five hundred years. There are currently around 125,000 adult and 20,000 children British Sign Language users living in England and Wales.

Do you want to learn?

Signal is a new charity working with deaf people and those with hearing loss. Signal is helping to arrange Sign Language (BSL) courses throughout Shropshire and will then hopefully develop them further afield. These courses will help to increase the levels of communication for people wishing to use Sign Language. By increasing the number of Sign Language users levels of isolation and marginalisation of deaf people will be decreased. Signal hopes that these training courses will be enjoyable, informative and inclusive and that people from all walks of life will get involved. If you have friends or family members that use Sign Language? If you want to use Sign Language to help you at work? Or if you just want to learn something fun then how about taking up a course? Signal can help get you started just get in touch. It could be the start of something good!

  • bethan porritt said:

    Hello can you give me details of sign language courses ? Are you doing them in house ? I only know of scat and tcat in shropshire. Oswestry college too?

    • james said:

      Hi Bethan!!
      We’re looking to do them in house if there is enough interest. The only college running courses in the area currently is TCAT. Shrewsbury College is not running any this year.

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