Sense Scotland help Signal Malawi programme

Sense Scotland’s leaders dig deep for Malawi programme

Photo: Sense Scotland’s Director of Corporate Affairs John O’Connor hands a heartfelt donation to Signal’s International Programmes Manager Karen Goodman-Jones.

Thank you!

A massive thank you to the Leadership Team at Sense Scotland for their generous personal donations, totalling £1,000, towards supporting new projects identified by Sense Scotland and Signal’s work in Malawi.

Over 3,371 children to benefit

Every penny of the £1,000 will go directly to support children with special educational needs in one of the four areas in which our programme currently operates.

It will directly fund training for teachers to learn new skills in supporting children with special needs, provide the learning materials and play equipment designed to assist these learners, and also assist with providing food items and cooking utensils.

It is hoped that over 3,371 children who have been assessed and identified as having special educational needs will all directly benefit in some way, as the resources are shared across all the 259 primary schools in this area in northern Malawi.

What a great project to support and thank you!

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