Supporting Deaf Groups

Signal Charity - Shrewsbury Hard of Hearing Group

Why support deaf groups?

Everyone likes to belong to something . Sharing our needs and concerns, triumphs and joys with like-minded people is one of the most basic human social needs. As well as a sense of community these groups provide the only local forum for discussions, information sharing and knowledge about the unique issues facing them.

Hearing loss often leads to isolation and a withdrawal from groups, family and society so it is particularly important that these groups exist and are able to support people in the ways that they want. For example hard of hearing groups having loop systems and visual displays so everyone can join in and hear what is being said.

What does Signal do?

Signal supports a variety of deaf groups across Shropshire for deaf people, the hard of hearing and people with tinnitus,   so enabling individuals to help each other. Our support helps groups to reach people in ways that are most appropriate for them – this may come from providing a speech to text typist or perhaps helping with accommodation but the idea always comes from the group themselves.

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