Deaf Awareness Training


One in six people has hearing loss, with this figure likely to rise as we live longer. By setting up one short training session, Signal can help your staff and volunteers communicate better with your organisation’s customers.

Deafness is a hidden problem and as such there is often a lack of awareness about its impact. In everyday situations, a person with hearing loss can face barriers to communication that make their lives more difficult. Simple tasks like speaking to the bank, shopping or getting the bus can become a major headache.

As part of our Big Lottery funded project, Signal is offering deaf awareness training for a wide range of organisations across Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin. Training will give staff and volunteers a basic understanding of hearing loss and the challenges faced, along with some simple tips for communicating clearly.

We can fit a short session into an existing training day or develop a specific course that is tailored to your requirements. This training is particularly valuable for staff and volunteers who have direct contact with customers or clients. We aim to help you improve the service you offer and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction.

As well as feeling more included in places such as shops and cafés, our training packages will mean deaf and hard of hearing people can better understand the services that are there to help them. In addition, training can be useful in ensuring that an organisation complies with the 2010 Equalities Act. Download the Individual Rights PDF 

Big Lottery funding has enabled Signal to provide free or subsided training for a wide range of organisations. If your organisation is interested in our training, please contact us to discuss availability, eligibility and cost.

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