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Photo of Sybil Ruscoe recording Signal's BBC Radio 4 AppealSignal’s BBC Radio 4 Appeal was broadcast on Sunday 25th and Thursday 29th September 2016. The appeal was read by broadcaster Sybil Ruscoe, who presents and reports on BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today. Sybil says:

“As a radio presenter, my hearing is precious to me. In my family we’ve suffered a lot of hearing loss. My grandmother was deaf, my dad had tinnitus, my nephew is deaf and so is my mother in law. Signal do some amazing work both in Africa and here at home. I’ve been especially impressed with the charity’s work in Malawi where they’re helping children with hearing loss to go to school. I’m proud to be able to support Signal with the BBC Radio 4 Appeal.”

Sybil talking about her support for Signal’s work:

Jonathan and Martha's stories

“Whatever teachers were teaching could not ring a bell in my heart.”

Jonathan has been unable to hear since early childhood. Unable to communicate at school he was a solitary and withdrawn child. Jonathan’s life was transformed when his teachers were trained by Signal to understand his condition and began to support him in the classroom.

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“I was surely rescued from an early marriage.”

Martha suffered from an ear infection and was called the ‘deaf girl’ by her parents. They pressurised her to leave school so they could arrange for her to get married. Her parents were asked to attend the training and gave her a second chance at education; she’s now in the top ten in the class.

£45 can pay for the support and training a child with hearing loss needs to enable them to access the gift of education. This could also give them the chance to make friends for the first time in their lives.

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