Signal Charity - Deaf Awareness in Africa

This is Signal’s newest overseas programme, working with our partners Zambia Deaf Youth and Women (ZDYW) in the Copperbelt Region of the country.  ZDYW work in areas of health awareness, education, training and rights-based advocacy.

How we help

Since a joint disability awareness survey was undertaken, Signal and ZDYW have implemented a successful pilot project, based on our projects in Malawi and Uganda. This worked with primary school teachers, providing them with additional skills to teach learners with special educational needs.

We are now starting a new pilot project, again working in partnership with ZDYW, directly targeting 100 deaf and hearing impaired children and their families in the Copperbelt Region of Zambia. This will build on our previous collaboration.

Based around the results of some of our projects in Malawi and Uganda, this new pilot will enable ZDYW to focus on deaf children themselves and work with their families and carers to provide support and communication skills. Pupils benefiting from our projects in the other countries have reported greater involvement and enjoyment in school and family life, less stigmatism and a great desire to learn, and we hope for the same outcomes in Zambia.

It will also offer help with small income generating schemes to assist with costs involved in ensuring the children receive a good quality education and the chance to have the same choices and options as their hearing peers.

Positive change

  • Delivering skills-based training in special needs education to 37 education professionals;
  • National publicity and interest in the training.

Signal’s work in Zambia with ZDYW is funded by grants from trusts and individual donations.

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