Signal Charity - Deaf Awareness in Africa

In Africa it is estimated that over 90% of children with disabilities do not go to school and this includes those with hearing loss.

With no chance to receive a basic education, the double burden of illiteracy and disability in the countries where we work condemns such children to a lifetime of dependency and isolation and places additional burdens on their families.

We are working to change this by:

  • Developing innovative programmes with our partners in each country based on locally identified needs;
  • Working with children, families, schools and communities to challenge negative attitudes towards deafness
  • Working to support children with special needs in mainstream education through specialised training for teachers and families
  • Providing training in communication skills to reduce isolation and break down barriers for families, health workers and the judiciary

In common with other development organisations in Africa we are working with estimates because accurate statistics are hard to find. All our projects include rigorous monitoring and evaluation and our findings are contributing to the collection of data which will inform future planning.

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