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That's a wrap on our project in Malawi

This month we are celebrating our highly successful project in Malawi as it comes to an end.

The five-year project, funded by Comic Relief, set out to make sure children with disabilities have the opportunity to go to school and enjoy their time there.

We gave support to children with disabilities and also worked with everyone who influences their education, including their families, classmates, teachers and communities.

As a result of the project:

· 4,885 children with disabilities are now going to school

· Over 2,000 teachers have been trained in how to make their classrooms and lessons inclusive for all students

· Training has been given to 3,991 parents and other family members to help them support their child who has a disability

· Schools are safer for learners with disabilities and there is now much less stigma and discrimination

We hope that these changes will have a lifelong impact for the children and their families.

The project was delivered by our partners CCAP who are based in Malawi. We are very grateful for all their hard work and proud of how they were able to continue the project and achieve such brilliant results despite Covid-19.

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