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Our community events return after eight months

We were thrilled to open our doors to the Deaf BSL Community in Shropshire recently. After what seemed like a long eight month wait, we had great fun getting back together as the morning bought us some laughter, education and a few anxious moments for some of us – staff included!

Simon Airey, from Corner Exotics certainly entertained us as he brought us his collection of very cute and some very creepy crawly animals for us to look at and we were all encouraged to handle them too. Not only did we learn about the fears and phobias some people may have; we also found out about their natural habitats and how they may have to protect themselves living in the wild; plus many other fascinating facts all put together with plenty of laughter.

The highlight was definitely the hands-on experience we were all able to enjoy throughout the morning and even one or two us overcoming our own phobias.

If you missed this session, you can find out about our next one by visiting our events page here.

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