Inclusive entertainment: photo of ukulele workshop at Shrewsbury Folk Festival

Wave Issue 12: Inclusive entertainment

Signal joined with England’s oldest flower show and one of its top folk music festivals to help welcome visitors with hearing loss this year.

Inclusive entertainment: photo of demo area at Shrewsbury Flower ShowWe worked with the Shrewsbury Flower Show and the Shrewsbury Folk Festival to help people with hearing loss fully participate in their popular lectures, demonstrations and workshops.

In a new collaboration Signal installed hearing loops in the Flower Show’s Lecture Marquee and Foodhall demonstration area. A loop system channels sound directly to a person’s hearing aid and dampens background noise.

With its horticultural sights and scents and artisan foods, the Flower Show is a feast for the senses. The loops made it easier for visitors who use hearing aids to capture the live presentations by the show’s celebrity and local gardeners and chefs too.

Inclusive entertainment: photo of flag alley at Shrewsbury Folk FestivalSignal also returned to the Shrewsbury Folk Festival for the second time. We provided a hearing loop in The Studio workshop venue to fully include hearing aid users. Alongside the performances by celebrated musicians, the festival runs workshops involving the ukulele and more.

We offered the Folk Festival goers a hearing screening too. Earlier detection of hearing problems means people can get help sooner and better manage any hearing loss and its isolating effects.

Shrewsbury’s floral and folk extravaganzas attract thousands of visitors from across the UK, where one in six of us has some form of hearing loss. In Shropshire this figure is as high as one in five because of the county’s older population.

Inclusive entertainment: photo of flower display at Shrewsbury Flower ShowSignal is delighted to become part of these much loved events, showing that the passion for gardening, gastronomy or music does not have to stop for people who are hard of hearing.

Do get in touch if you are interested in making your event deaf friendly!

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