Donate today and help change the lives of people with hearing loss in the UK and in Africa.  

Cycling communities: photo of bicycles purchased in Malawi

£6 per month

Can buy a bike for a parent with a deaf child enabling them to join a support group and share their experiences with other parents.

The Links Cafe in Riverside

£7 per month

Can help to fund a Tinnitus support group for 25 people for a month.

Teapot_The Links  Cafe

£12 per month

Can end the isolation of someone living with hearing loss, and cover the cost of a home visit and monthly support in rural Shropshire.



Can support a child, their family and teachers with the training and support needed to access education.

Please remember to gift aid your donation if you are a UK Tax payer. Gift Aid adds an extra 25p to every £1.00 of your donation at no extra cost to you. It really does make a difference to us!

To speak to us regarding your donation, please call 01743 364 644.

If you would prefer to  send a cheque, please send it to Signal, 8a College Hill, Shrewsbury, SY1 1LZ.

Thank you for your support.