Corporate Support

How your company can get involved. 

From marketing initiatives and events to making us your charity of the year, there are plenty of ways for you and your company to support us.

Raising your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 

With the increasing value placed on CSR by customers, employees and wider stakeholders, CSR is a key element for businesses operating in a highly competitive market

Make us your Charity of the Year

Partner up with Signal and offer support and brand awareness for a great cause.  This can be a key element to increasing your media presence, brand loyalty as well as increasing your company’s CSR.

Event Sponsorship 

Get your company involved in one of our fundraising events. Sponsorship can increase brand awareness as well as employee and customer engagement.

Employee engagement 

Employee fundraising can be a fantastic way of bringing employees together from all different departments within the company, boosting job satisfaction, staff morale and retention.

Payroll Giving 

Payroll giving is a simple and tax effective way for your employees to donate to Signal directly from their pay, payroll giving can be an important element of CSR.

If your company is looking to support a charity, Signal would love to hear from you. Email us today at and our fundraising team will be happy to talk you through all the different opportunities for your company to become more involved!