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Thank you for visiting our Make Communication Clear page. We know you are here because you want to make your organisation's customer service more inclusive; and we thank you for that!

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The COVID-19 pandemic is having a disproportionate impact on Deaf and hard of hearing communities.

Since July 2020, the mandatory use of masks and face coverings - so vital in controlling the spread of Covid-19 - has made communication for anyone who is hard of hearing, a serious challenge. The muffling of speech, combined with the inability to read lips, has had a profound and detrimental impact on people who are deaf or have hearing loss.

Elizabeth*, who has hearing loss, told Signal, “When someone is wearing a mask, the voice is obviously muffled and crucially deprives you of the ability to lipread. Lipreading is invaluable to those of us with hearing loss, and it is surprising how much you lipread without realising it.”

We want to help local businesses and public places understand how to adapt their communication, to provide a more inclusive and accessible experience for the 1 in 5 people living with a hearing loss.

Thanks to funding from the Staffordshire Community Foundation, we have created packs that can be ordered and delivered for free, which include:

  • a colourful A5 poster sharing simple communication tips

  • an A5 poster you can display that promotes your setting as being “Deaf Aware”

  • a range of badges to be worn by your staff, or the general public, sharing positive messages about lip-reading

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Make Communication Clear in BSL and with subtitles