James from Signal hands the assistive devices to Vicky, deputy head of Audiology

Assistive devices: Signal and Audiology team launch try-before-you-buy scheme

Signal is once again delighted to be working with the Audiology team at The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust to meet the needs of people with hearing loss across Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin.

Signal has supplied equipment for a try-before-you buy scheme which enables people with hearing loss to discover how assistive devices can help with their everyday hearing needs.

Photo of Vicky with the streamers, assistive devices for people with hearing loss

The devices, known as streamers, send sound from audio equipment, televisions or microphones directly to people’s hearing aids. In this way, the streamers give people with hearing loss access to sounds and conversations that others would take for granted.

However, these assistive devices can be costly and may not be suitable for everyone. This makes it so beneficial to enable people to give the devices a test run.

Technology moves at a great pace and there will be continuous challenges to make sure that people with hearing loss have access to assistive devices that could help. Hopefully, this development puts Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin ahead of the game.

James Cousins from Signal had great pleasure in handing over the new devices to Vicky Sadler, deputy head of Audiology at The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust. The Audiology specialists will now be able to use their professional judgement to identify people who may benefit and give them the opportunity to trial the equipment before deciding if it is appropriate for them.

Photograph of Vicky with the hearing aid covers

Huge thanks go to the donors who generously contributed towards the cost of the equipment.

Protection for hearing aids

James was also very happy to deliver a consignment of hearing aid covers to the Audiology team. These covers have been kindly donated by the company, Ear Gear

The covers will help people protect their hearing aids from moisture and dirt which could make them ineffective. This donation has delighted Vicky and her Audiology colleagues, who often receive requests for this sort of item.

Help with assistive devices in Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin

Shropshire Council’s Sensory Impairment Team runs a service for council tax payers in Shropshire. The team can assess people with hearing loss and their need for assistive devices to help in their daily life.

Assistance may include equipment to alert deaf people to the phone ringing, devices to aid communication or equipment to help people hear the television and radio. For more details, please visit the team’s web page or telephone the team on 01743 277 698/699.

In Telford & Wrekin a similar service is in operation. For further information, please telephone the Access Team on 01952 381 280 or e-mail the team at access.team@telford.gov.uk .

The Shropshire Rural Community Council runs an Effective Hearing Programme for people with hearing loss. These day-long courses run across Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin.

The courses help people to understand hearing loss as well as introducing communication tips and some technical solutions. More details can be found on the Community Council’s dedicated web page.

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