We are delighted to be able to provide the following services in Shropshire:


​Deaf social activities

​Hearing screening

Deaf Awareness training

Lip-reading & Deaf awareness badges

British sign language courses 

Tinnitus support

Hearing Loop guidance

1 to 1 Outreach support for Deaf BSL users

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Advocacy is when you get support to have your say. We all know how hard it can be when we don’t feel listened to, when what’s important to us isn’t taken seriously by others, or we just don’t have the words to say what we really feel or want.

Signal’s Advocacy service is for anyone who is Deaf, has hearing loss or experiences tinnitus. We can support you to have involvement in decisions about you.

Click the link below to learn more about our Advocacy service, download our brochure and referral form and to watch our fully inclusive video.


Signal has a long history of working closely with the Deaf, British Sign Language (BSL) community in Shropshire.

We support the community by organising social experiences and educational opportunities, designed to reduce social isolation, improve feelings of wellbeing and enable exposure to good, accurate information.

We hold coffee mornings and lunch groups where, as well as enjoying a sociable get-together and a chance to chat, we use this opportunity to ask Deaf people to tell us what sorts of activities and information sessions they would like to take part in. This way, we can make sure that the activities we plan meet the needs of the people we support.

Our activities are promoted through signed, video messages, via Signal’s social media. Take a look at our Facebook page to find out more, or click on the link below to find out when our next social events are.

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One in five people in the county of Shropshire has hearing loss. This is higher than the national average of one in six due to the demographics of our county. And, statistically, it takes people, on average, 10 years from the onset of their hearing loss, to addressing it.

Hearing screening can be the important first step for people who are concerned about a possible hearing loss. Signal’s hearing screenings can take place in community buildings and workplaces across the county of Shropshire. All that is needed is a quiet, private room to conduct the screening. 

Unfortunately, at the moment, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are not currently able to provide hearing screenings. Once restrictions allow, screenings will resume.


One in six people in the UK has hearing loss, with this figure likely to rise as we live longer.

Deafness and hearing loss are hidden problems and as such there is often a lack of awareness about their impact. In everyday situations, a person with hearing loss can face barriers to communication that make their lives more difficult. Simple tasks like speaking to the bank, shopping or getting the bus can become stressful and problematic.

By setting up one short training session, Signal can help your staff and volunteers communicate better with your organisation’s customers. Email to request more information.

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Signal has designed a series of colourful lip-reading badges to help to make communication clearer for anyone with a hidden disability that relies on lip reading to communicate. There is also a version for customer-serving people to wear that lets lip-readers know that they will remove their face-covering*, if asked, to allow effective communication.

Click on the button below to place your badge order today.

*The UK Government guidance for face coverings allows people to remove their face-covering in this instance.


British Sign Language (BSL) is an exciting and expressive language that uses not just the hands, but facial expressions and body language too. 

People learn BSL for many different reasons. You might want to communicate more easily with Deaf friends, colleagues or customers. Families might want to learn BSL in order to better communicate with loved ones who are Deaf or have hearing loss. You might be thinking about training to become a sign language interpreter. Or you might just want to learn a new and exciting skill.

Whatever your reason, if you're new to BSL, Signal's introduction to British Sign Language Course will get you started. Our 6 week courses give you a broad introduction to BSL. 

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Tinnitus is the term for the sensation of hearing a sound in the absence of any external sound. These sounds can take on many different forms. Some people experience a ringing, a whooshing, humming or buzzing. The tinnitus might seem like it’s in one ear or both, in the middle of the head or even be difficult to pinpoint.

One in eight people will experience tinnitus of some kind in their lifetime. For many people it is mild and may not be noticeable except in quiet environments. However, for about 5% of the population tinnitus can be extremely distracting and make it difficult to lead a normal life, to work and to enjoy the company of others.

If you are looking for some support or someone to chat to, click on the link below to find out more about our tinnitus support.


Having a hearing loop installed into key, customer facing areas of your business or shop, means that you have made an important decision in making your service accessible to people who use hearing aids. Follow the link to download our information guides explaining more about which loop system would be right for you.



Signal can offer one-to-one outreach support for Deaf, British Sign Language users. The support is personalised, depending on the person’s individual circumstances and can be either short or long term.

Outreach support is designed to help Deaf people avoid isolation, be part of their community by taking part in social activities and live a more fulfilled life. It supports people in all sorts of ways, such as to access and navigate services, build confidence to go out, and to enjoy social opportunities to the full.

If you think that Signal could support you, or someone that you know, please get in touch by emailing or by text or Facetime to 07950 782819.