We work in five countries, and in each we aim to deliver the same outcomes and impact in different cultural contexts.

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The following principles guide our work:

​We are Locally-Led

  • We empower and support our partners in truly collaborative relationships – where local NGOs have autonomy over their decisions, employ their own locally-based staff and lead on  delivery of projects

We Redistribute Power

  • We believe that communities and organisations are the best placed to respond to their community's needs, with their skill, experience, knowledge, networks and local expertise

  • We will never employ our own staff to work directly in other countries or have office bases outside of the UK

We are Impactful

  • We work where the need is greatest and where we have the opportunity to work with exceptional in-country partners

We are Participatory

  • We uplift the people, organisations and communities we work with; we ensure their voice is heard

  • We take a holistic approach to achieve sustainable impact at all levels within communities

We are Collaborative

  • We share knowledge and best practice throughout our programmes and with our network of partners

We are Representative

  • We are careful how we represent people on our projects - we want our stories and imagery to be empowering